Group Therapy Participation Agreement

In order for group to work, a safe environment must be created and expectations for members and the leader must be understood by the participants. My experience with groups supports that the best way to create a safe environment for personal growth is for you to understand and to agree to these guidelines.

  1. Confidentiality

Sharing in group can be anxiety-provoking, therefore I ask that you keep all information discussed in the group confidential. This request means that you may not discuss any information shared or the reactions of any member of this group with anyone outside of the group. You may talk about your own personal reactions, and are even encouraged to do that outside of group, but not about others’ identifying information or reactions.

Only under the following conditions will I have to share information:

  • If you sign a release of information for exchange of information with a third party.
  • Therapists are required by law to report to the appropriate agency if there is suspicion of child or elder abuse.
  • Therapists are required to intervene appropriately with the threats of serious harm to yourself or others. This could require reporting to police or appropriate agency.
  • The court of law subpoenas information for a legal proceeding.
  1. Attendance

Group members are expected to make a commitment to attend group the entire 6 weeks, although I understand that making this commitment can be difficult. Members also agree to come on time every week. If you are running late or have an emergency/illness that prohibits you from coming to group, I ask that you call me at (803-708-7990  If you know ahead of time that you will miss a later group session, I ask that you share the date of your absence with the group beforehand.

Group will always end on time, no matter what is being discussed. Coming back the next week will allow you to continue the discussion.

Members often feel anxious about participating in groups and seeing the results can take time. If you decide to leave before the group ends (before the 6 weeks are over) and have explored your concerns with me and other members, I ask that you come back to the group to say goodbye. Though perhaps hard to imagine now, members will begin to care about one another and will feel unresolved if you leave without any explanation.  Depending on the what the majority decides, the group may decide to continue the group for additional weeks.  

I would also like to ask you to not drink alcohol or use any drugs before coming to the meetings.

We celebrate and honor diversity and ask that you allow yourself to be respectful of other members' choices, lifestyles, beliefs, etc.  

III. Payment

The full payment of $20 each group meeting- for the 6- 1 hour group sessions is due before the first meeting. You may pay by  card, check (Brighter Pathways, LLC) or in cash.

My Signature indicates my agreement with the group rules and am making a commitment to atleast 5 of 6 meetings. *
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