OM Support Page
We can provide you with a free personalised Support Page on our website through which your church or your freinds and family can give directly to your personal suuport.
Take some time to write something about yourself and the ministry you will be joining. You can find some examples of what other people have done here

NB Photos for your page
Please ensure you take your photo with a camera or modern smartphone to ensure a usable resolution. Photos should be taken in landscape format with a reasonable amount of space around the subject. Don't crop the photo or send us something from your social media page. Keep the background simple and uncluttered, and without any other people in it.


Was a photo taken at the GIG event? *

(Landscape, minimum of 5MB with some background but no other people in the frame - taken on a camera or high quality smart phone
Do you want to be contacted via email from your Support Page? *


We'll use your photo and the written content you provide here that explains a little about your team and role.
Do you want your Support Page to be listed on the UK website (at, or as a direct link only accessible to your partners? *
If you don't really mind what url to have for your page, we will set it for you as firstname-lastname (for example If you prefer something different (for example, then let us know here. *


As long as you are registered as a user on our website, we can send you a notification to that email address each time you receive a gift.
Do you wish to be notified by email each time a donation comes in towards your support? (We ask this because we realise not everyone wants that as they are living and ministering in sensitive areas). *