OM Support Webpage & Prayer Cards
Prayer cards are a great resource to help you introduce yourself as a missionary at your church and with friends.
More importantly, you can encourage supporters to keep it safe in their Bible or on their fridge - reminding them to pray for you or to perhaps send a financial gift.
We can also provide you with a bespoke Support Page on our website through which your supporters can give directly to you in a more personalised way.

NB Photo must be hi-res (5 Mb minimum).
Please ensure you take your photo with a camera or modern smartphone to ensure a usable resolution. Photos should be taken in landscape format with a reasonable amount of space around the subject. Keep the background simple and uncluttered, and without any other people in it.
The SUPPORT PAGE is FREE, but the cost for PRAYER CARDS (including P&P to UK addresses only) is:
100 for £6
250 for £12
500 for £22


Was a photo taken at the GIG event? *

(Landscape, minimum of 5MB with some background but no other people in the frame - taken on a camera or high quality smart phone

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