Presentation Proposal for
the ORPC's 7th Annual Fall Conference
We're All in This Together: Preventing Separation Trauma for Children and Families
September 10-12, 2022

Thank you for your interest in presenting at our conference.  The ORPC's 7th Annual Fall Conference will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Great Wolf Lodge on September 10-12, 2022. Our conference theme this year celebrates togetherness--for the families that we represent and for our community of family defenders.
Some topics that we hope to include in our conference this year are:
*Combatting explicit and implicit racial bias in child welfare
*Parenting with a disability and/or parenting children with disabilities
*Metro vs. rural jurisdictions
*Client-centered representation
*Representing invisible (i.e. difficult-to-reach) parents
*Visitation advocacy
*Motivational interviewing
*Client communication
*Trauma, wellness, and self-care
*Using experts and/or investigators in D&N cases
*Preservation at the trial court level
*Non-legal parent advocacy
*Mental health
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