Food & Beverage Sampling Form
Exhibitors who plan to sample food and/or beverage must complete and submit this form to Show Management.
1. Items dispensed are limited to products Manufactured, Processed or Distributed by exhibiting companies. If
they are not Manufactured, Processed or Distributed by the company then you are not able to provide samples of
food and beverage unless they are purchased through SAVOR...Chicago.
2. If you do Manufacture, Process, or Distribute the items they are to be a SAMPLE SIZE and must be
dispensed and distributed in accordance to Local and State Health Codes:

 Non‐Alcoholic Beverages can be a maximum of 8oz. Sample Size, served in plastic cups. No cans
or bottles will be permitted.
 Food items are limited to “bite size”, not to exceed 6oz. portions
 Vendors MUST submit proof of having $1,000,000.00 liability insurance naming SAVOR...Chicago,
and the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority as additional insured, and are responsible for
State and Local laws pertaining to the distribution of alcohol.
Estimate the number of samples you will serve each day:
 Number of samples
Have you ordered periodic porter service to keep your booth area clean? *
You must order porter service from GES in order for your sampling trash to be picked up. Aisle trash cans are not for exhibitor use. GES will empty wastebaskets & wipe down counters at two hour intervals, show hours only. Vacuuming not included.
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Do you require refrigerated, frozen or dry storage? *
Since refrigerated, frozen or dry storage is required, you will need to order storage and labor to bring the materials in storage to your booth from GES. Exhibitors are not allowed to bring materials in or out of storage themselves. Click here to Order Storage
Is your primary product alcohol? *
Will your company be sampling alcoholic beverages? *
You must complete the Application for Permission to Sample Alcoholic Beverages by April 12th to receive permission to sample alcoholic beverages in your booth.  
  • You can only store a one-day supply in your booth. Therefore, plan your sampling, so your product supply is exhausted each day to save on delivery charges from storage.
  • Save further on delivery charges by having a refrigeration unit in your booth.
  • Restrict portion size to a tasting vs. meal-sized to also save cost. A tasting size helps you to ship in less product. Meal-sized portions also tend to attract long lines which block aisles
  • Schedule product deliveries prior to show openings vs end of day to avoid possible overtime periods.

Show Management works closely with the Chicago Department of Health and the Show Sanitarians to ensure samples distributed during the  Show pose no hazard to those attending and working the Show.
  • All Exhibitors should abide by the information outlined in the Safe Public Health Practices memo and Safe Food Handling Checklist developed by the City of Chicago Department of Public Health.
  • Be sure to bring or order enough waste baskets and order periodic porter service to keep your area clear of trash and prevent excessive debris in your booth a in the aisles.    


  1. Determine the # of presentations you can make in an hour.
  2. Multiply by the # of hours your goods will be on display.
  3. Multiply the results by the # of booth staff.
  4. Cut the total in half.