New Membership Application for the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC)

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Reasons to Belong...

  • Membership in one of the Hispanic member organizations of the NAE;
  • Use of the NaLEC member logo, which provides the credibility of a national organization and signifies your commitment to unity among Hispanic Evangelicals;
  • A recognized voice in Washington championing Hispanic evangelical concerns and providing a source of information on critical issues facing our nation;
  • Influence into the direction of NaLEC policy and statements;
  • Advance invitations and participation in NaLEC sponsored events, which provide networking opportunities among peers and evangelical leaders;
  • Invitations to retreats and conferences for Hispanic church leaders, educators, and church planters;
  • Opportunities to promote your organization at appropriate NaLEC events;
  • Access to the NaLEC newsletter;
  • NaLEC email updates;
  • Opportunities to advertise your upcoming events, when appropriate, in our email updates;
  • Training for denominational executives, district and regional leaders, Church planting networks, and Christian colleges and universities.
  • Access to global meetings with our sister evangelical organizations in Latin America.

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New Membership Application for the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC)