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Community Hall Tax Funding Petition Update

Between August 8th and 21st, we collected about 1,100 signatures from Gabriola voters who support funding our Community Hall with money raised through property taxes.
If you were unable to sign our paper petition, we invite to use this online form.  If you are not sure if you have already signed, you can still show support here and we will delete duplicates when we make a final tally. You can also remove yuour name if you no longer support our petition.
The petition format we were required to use to collect signtures gave no options other than full support. This form invites you to say where you stand on this issue and especially invites your comments.
We are working (as volunteers!) for your Community Hall. The land, the building and any money we get belongs to all of us and we want to be sure the funds are managed in our communual best interests. The more feedback we get, the better able we are to judge how to proceed.

Going Forward

We are presenting our petition to the RDN Board on September 12th at 3pm. If you would like to join our delegation, please email info@gabriolacommunityhall.com so that we can help coordinate transport, etc.  
If our petition is accepted, we expect it will be passed on to RDN staff for study and recommendations.
Use of Funds
To help the RDN and our own planning, we will be drafting plans on the assumption that the funding gets approved.  To do this, we will be seeking your help to (a) confirm the list of what we would like to see at the Hall and (b) define the order of priorities that we should follow.  This will then be used to draft a 5-year implementation plan which will provide for major maintenace as needed and development as defined by the input we receive.  The 5-year plan will be presented for approval
Your Involvement
We need you to be part of this process.  Please be sure to add info@gabriolacommunityhall.com to your email address book so that our messages are not filtered out as spam.

Qualified Voters

This petition is from qualified Gabriola voters to the Regional District of Nanaimo. To qualify as a supporter you need to be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A Canadian citizen & resident of British Columbia for at least six months
  • Have lived on Gabriola and/or been the owner of property on Gabriola for at least 30 days.
  • Not be disqualified to vote in a local election.
Note: You do not need to qualify as a voter if you just want to offer your comments

The Petition

Please check *

“I support a tax increase of $3.50 per $100,000 value of Gabriola properties to raise $40,000 annually for the Gabriola Community Hall general revenue fund.”

The average property on Gabriola is $333,000

$3.50 x $3.33 = $11.66 per year (avg increase)

Gabriola Address only required if you are supporting this petition and have not already signed.
Be sure to provide us with your email address if you want follow and/or participate in the selection of projects to be implemented.  Also add info@gabriolacommunityhall.com to your address book so that our emails don't end up in your spam folder.
Contact information will be used to send you our newsletters and information on matters of local interest.
We won't share your information with others and you will be able to unsubscribe at anytime.

Background & Upgrades

The Gabriola Community Hall has served Gabriola for 100 years as its largest publically owned building. Weddings, memorials, concerts, plays, fund raisers, meetings, elections, dances, socials, craft and food fairs, etc are all held there.  There is a pre-school in the building and both scouts & guides use the Hall. Badminton, pickleball, ping-pong, line dancing, folk dancing, karate, tai Chi, etc are all held there. The Hall is truly part of the fabric of Gabriola life.
The Hall costs about $30,000 per year to operate and we earn about $18,000 per year from rents.  The shortfall is made up by fund raising, particularly the annual Salmon BBQ and there is very little 'extra' money.  We apply for grants & donations from the RDN, Lions, Nanaimo Foundation, Village Foods, etc to help pay for some of the maintainance.
Our building is now 33 years old and some bigger maintenance items will soon need attention. Particularly the flat roof will need re-surfacing, the floor re-finishing and the original electrics installed in 1984 needs updating.
We also have a long list (below) of projects that would improve and expand use of the Hall. With assured long-term funding, we could manage the coming larger maintenance needs and be pro-active in developing to better meet the needs of Gabriolans.
Listed below are some proposals received to enhance our Community Hall.  They are in random order and have not had any prior review. They are the starting point for the creation of a Business Case.
We plan to set out some of the possible options presented by each proposal and offer this information to the community for comment and additional input.  When we know more about costs, feasibilities, community support, priorities, possible partners, possible funding options, etc etc, we will draft a 5-year plan based on proposals with the highest feasibility and priorities for consideration by our stakeholders.  The final Business Case will be prepared by GICHA and presented to our membership for approval.
We plan to work through this process over the next few months.  If you wish to comment, please use the "comments" window above.
1) Generator
2) Upstairs washroom (in funding)
3) HVAC system
4) Acoustic upgrades
5) Stage drapes
6) Sound/Lighting booth
7) Storage
8) Upgrade emergency preparedness
9) Portable raked seating risers
10) Parking improvements
11) More & better stage lighting instruments
12) More & better sound equipment
13) Indoor soccer
14) Floor hockey
15) Squash courts
16) Upgrade playground
17) Carpet bowling
18) GICHA-owned sports equipment
19) Paid programmer/event coordinator
20) Visual upgrades (lighting, art, etc)
21) Newsletter
22) Assisted Community use
23) Move lighting bar /more lighting bars
24) Tennis Courts
25) Scene shop
26) First nations contribution to iconic entrance
27) Showers
28) Upper Hall divider
29) More Water Cisterns
30) More natural light for pre-school
31) Insulation
32) Build Foyer
33) Art Display
34) Seismic assessment / seismic upgrades
35) Meeting spaces
36) Expand kitchen & electrical upgrade
37) More pickleball courts
38) Outdoor field
39) Three phase power supply
40) Heat pump
41) Improve water quality
42) Solar panels

Survey to Determine Amount & Duration

We conducted a survey in July, 2017 to determine what level of funding Gabriolans would support.  83.7% of the 246 respondents indicated support for $40,000 or more per year:
Amount            # of responses       
$100,000                    4                     1.6%
$50,000                   126                   51.2%
$40,000                     76                   30.9%
$30,000                     25                   10.2%
$20,000                      2                     0.8%
$15,000                      1                     0.4%
Projects only               4                     1.6%
$0                              8                     3.3%
Total                       246                 100.0%
We also asked for what duration they would support funding. 79.3% said they would support continuous funding:
Period               # of responses    
Continuous                 195                 79.3%
Five Years                      2                   0.8%
Three Years                  32                 13.0%
One Year                        2                   0.8%
Not Specified                  7                  2.8%
None                              8                  3.3%
Total respondents     246               100.0%
Thank you for your input