2018 MRM Miniatures Signup

Millicent Rogers Museum
Annual Miniatures Show and Sale - 2018
Artist Registration
Dates for delivering artwork to the Museum:  
January 9th through January 12th, 2018,
between 10 AM -> 4:00 PM (Tues. through Fri.).

February 9, 2018 is a ticketed event.
As a participant, you and one guest have free admission.
Please identify your guest below.
This will avoid confusion and delays at the reception.

If you are unable to pick up any unsold work between Tuesday, March 6th through Friday, March 9th (10 AM - 4:00 PM),
please identify someone who is authorized to act on your behalf.


As a participating artist, you set the selling price.  Based on your sales price you will receive 50%, with MRM retaining 50%.  Potential buyers will be informed that the selling price is not negotiable.
Each artist may submit only one piece.  When a piece sells, the artist cannot submit another piece.

Art Work Details
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Thank you for joining this year's MRM Miniatures Show.  
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