A new state of the art TJ will open soon. You can be a part of this historic opening by
donating a brick or stone in the new TJ Legacy Walk. Each donation will be permanently
acknowledged and will make a difference in the lives of current and future TJ students
through the new TJ Excellence Fund, created by the TJ Alumni Association.

TJ has recently performed well on DISD comprehensive performance standards. Even
with a tornado, a move to a school outside its district and limited facilities, TJ has been
outperforming comparable schools. Ben Jones, the new Principal has set the bar high:
take TJ to the highest level of achievement at the new school.

As with past donations to the Alumni Association, the TJ Excellence Fund will support
student tutoring and incentives, teacher classroom support, homeless students, special
needs students, critical extracurricular programs, athletic, culinary, music and the arts
programs as prioritized by the Principal.

Spanning the new courtyard between the Cafeteria and Gymnasium, the TJ Legacy Walk
opens to the athletic fields, allowing alumni, families and students to experience the
memories and beauty at any chosen time. Your gift will be honored by the name(s) and
words you choose to leave on the TJ Legacy Walk.

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