This is the registration form for The Mobile Educator Terugkomdag,
29 November 2016.
The venue of the Terugkomdag is ICLON, Leiden University. We will send you directions to ICLON a week in advance.
Please fill in the appropriate fields below if you would like to participate. Thanks!
 Please tick only ONE answer
I participated in the first TME training, March - April 2016
I participated in the second training of TME, August - October 2016
I am a volunteer who is (or was) working with TME, or I was a donor of the TME training
I am interested in the TME training programme, but was not yet involved.
The next question is only for participants of the first or second TME training who would like to have their personal travel costs paid by TME:
In case of any question, please send a mail to
Looking forward meeting you on the 29th of November!
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