Women Combo Self-Defense Spring 2024

Option 1 $160/person 4-Week Course -1.5hr/Session once a week (Total of 4 sessions) Select your age group: *
Option 2 - $80/person or Bring A Friend for only $40 each! Select your option: *


I know the risks of signing up and participating in Martial Boxing. I agree not to hold the company accountable or bring legal action against its officers, agents, or employees. This waiver releases the company from all liability relating to injuries that may occur on location before, during, or after activity.
By signing this agreement, I agree to hold the company entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of the reasons or circumstances.
I acknowledge the risk involved with this activity, including, but not limited to, muscle tears, sprains, and other physical injuries. I certify that my participation is voluntary, and I have been made aware of the risks. Additionally, I do not have any conditions that may increase my likelihood of injury.
I will make every effort to obey the company personnel's safety rules and will ask for clarification if needed.
*Participants under 18 years old must be signed by parents or guardians.*
Signature: *
Thank you for registering! DPPDefense & Martial Boxing is looking forward to seeing you at the Gym!
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