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This form is for SUMMER classes.  If you are wanting to enroll for full year classes, please go back to our website & click on the correct form.

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In case of medical emergency, I understand that when medically feasible, an effort will be made to contact a parent/guardian, but in the event one is not reached or it is not medically feasible to contact one, I hereby give permission for my child to be treated. In the event consent is needed for medical care on a non-emergency basis and I cannot be reached, Sue Savage is authorized to act on my behalf. Furthermore, I agree to hold harmless Farmington School of Dance and all of their employees and agents in the event of an injury occurring to my child during any activities associated with the Farmington School of Dance. I recognize that participating in this activity has a certain amount of risk and that an injury is always possible. I certify that my child is, to the best of my knowledge, physically able to participate in this activity. I assume full financial responsibility for medical expenses arising out of such injury.

I also allow all pictures and film taken of my minor child to be used for publicity purposes for the Farmington School of Dance. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless against any and all claims of damages arising out of taking or use of pictures or videos of my minor child.

I agree that my child and I will abide by the standards set by this studio. By signing this registration form, I assume full financial responsibility for tuition and any other fees.


Please call or email with additional questions or to request a paper registration form.

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