PPL PRS Ltd Music Licensing Declaration Form 2019
In this form the Fringe Society will collect all the information needed to calculate whether or not your show will require a music licence. If you are required to pay a fee for a music licence the form will ask for details of the pieces of music contained in the show. These details enable the licence fee to be distributed to the musicians and rights holders whose work has been used. Any charge due will be confirmed in the final section of the form and will then be automatically deducted from your Fringe Box Office payout.

This form is administrated by the Fringe Society who act as agents for the UK's music licensing body, PPL PRS Ltd, coordinating the licensing of in-copyright compositions and in-copyright recordings used during the Fringe. As part of the Fringe Society's agreement with PRS PPL Ltd, no specific permission needs to be sought from their members to use in-copyright musical compositions or recordings.

If you are performing at any of the following venues, please note that a declaration will be submitted on your behalf so you do not need to fill in this form yourself:

  • Traverse
  • Dance Base
  • St Mary's Cathedral