Fringe Artist Bike Share Program
Are you performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and looking for an easy way to get around the city?
The Cyclopath Bike Program aims to provide artists with a bike, completely free of charge, for the duration of the festival. If you would like to apply to receive a bike, please fill in the form below which collects all the information needed to find the right bike for you.
About the program...
This project was created and is managed by professional comedian and cycling advocate Dion Owen (you can find out more about Dion here). Dion volunteers his time to personally fix up the bikes that are shared out, with support from Edinburgh cycling charity The Bike Station. The project also receives support from the Fringe Society and Fringe venue The Counting House @ Pear Tree.

All the bikes go through the Bike Station's well established second mechanic checking procedure.
The number of bikes available is limited to how many Dion is able to fix up, so we want to prioritise artists who would otherwise not have the means to source their own bike. Before completing the below, please consider whether you have access to a bike through another channel or the means to make other arrangements so we can maximise the impact of this program!
Why sign up?
✔️ It's free!
✔️ Minimise your carbon footprint
✔️ Keep fit and healthy in August
✔️ Cycling is fun!

Application form
Riding competency (this will help us work out which bike is right for you!) *
Terms and Conditions

• Bikes will be shared through this program at the discretion of the program's coordinator with no guarantee of a bike through the completion of this form

• Artists participating in this program do so at their own risk and the program partners and coordinators are not liable for any injury or issue incurred as a result of the use of the bike provided

• Artists must have (or will buy in advance of receiving a bike): lights (front and back) and a lock. Wearing a helmet when cycling is not a legal requirement in the UK but is strongly recommended to all participants in this scheme

• Artists with a social media presence are requested to share their participation in the program

• Artists who are available to participate are requested to attend a celebratory rideout happening on the afternoon of Sunday the 25th of August - the meeting point is the courtyard of The Pear Tree pub on West Nicolson Street. The meetup will start at 12 noon with departure at 1300

• Artists must return their bike at the end of the festival
All participants must agree to the above terms. *
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Help support this project!
If you would like to donate to this project, you can do so through the Fringemakers campaign HERE - all donations are entirely voluntary and will contribute towards the cost of the programme meaning more artists getting access to free bikes for the duration of the festival.
The Cyclopath Bike Program is run by Dion Owen with support from:

If you have any questions please get in touch at