Edinburgh Festival Fringe Visa Information Form

This form aims to give advice on the visa process for people travelling internationally to participate in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. While the Fringe Society is happy to provide guidance, through resources such as this one, it is important to note that we are not an immigration authority, and we have no control over which individuals are granted, or refused, a visa to enter the UK. We cannot guarantee entry on any basis, and as such are not liable for any costs you incur through unsuccessful visa applications. This includes your show registration fee, which is non-refundable.
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is currently listed on the UK Government's permit free festivals list (Visitors Appendix 5). The Fringe's permit-free status simplifies the application process, enabling Fringe participants to travel to the UK without the need for a certificate of sponsorship. The visa application process is still dependent on where participants are travelling from however – this guide aims to outline the different processes and the documentation required for any given visa application. As noted above, the details we provide in this form should only be taken as guidance. Only a UK visa and immigration office can confirm a person's right to enter the UK.
Which of the below applies to you? *
*Please note: if you are travelling to Edinburgh to work on a show, the process is affected by whether or not you are considered part of the ‘legitimate entourage’ of a performing company. The legitimate entourage of a show may include directors, producers, technicians, stage managers, creative team, publicists and anyone else involved directly with a specific show. If your work is not specific to a particular show, please select ’I am travelling to the UK to work at a Fringe venue or to both perform at the Fringe and work at a Fringe venue’.
The process for entering the UK as a performer, or as part of the legitimate entourage of a company participating in the Fringe, depends on where you are travelling from. To ensure we give you the correct information relating to your visa requirements, please tell us which of the below categories applies to you:
Category 1

Citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, as listed below.
Category 2
Visa nationals – citizens of the countries listed below.
* Various notes apply to the above list; for full details, please visit the UK Home Office Immigration Rules Appendix 2. VISA NATIONAL LIST for the list of exceptions.
Category 3

Non-visa nationals – citizens of any country not listed in Category 1 or 2.
This would include, for example, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and the USA.
Which of the above categories applies to you? *