Street Events Registration

If you have something to big and noisy for our regular busking or Fringe Stages, you can register to be a finale show. 

FINALE SHOWS happen at the end of each day between 20:15 and 21:00. They use our biggest spaces on the Mound. In the past we’ve had marching bands, huge choirs, drumming groups, brass bands and more. 

FRINGE GROUPS will have already registered with the Fringe Society and appear in the Fringe programme. Performance slots are available throughout the day on a stage located at Cathedral Square - Little King Street (St James Quarter) The slots are designed to give audiences a taste of your main show and last 20 minutes.  These will run 5 - 28 August 11:00 - 18:00 daily.  You can perform over more than one day and at different times.

What would you like to register? *
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