Fringe in Schools application

We have commissioned four Fringe artists and companies to provide workshops to schools in Edinburgh. There will be no cost to the school – the Fringe Society will cover all costs associated with this project.
If you would like your school/class to be considered for the Fringe in Schools offer please complete this application form by 14:00 on Friday 13 December 2019.
Successful schools/classes will be contacted by 18 December and workshops will take place in January and February 2020.
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Contact details

Artist workshops

There are four workshops available:
  • 1. Pianodrome: sustainability, reusing and upcycling.
  • 2. Meet My Invisible Dog: focusing on the dramatic skill of miming.
  • 3. #Girlhood: building confidence and encouraging self-empowerment
  • 4. Her Romeo: understanding Shakespeare
Which artists would be most appropriate for your class to work with? Select up to 2 or say ANY!

Participation and partnership

Please provide details of the senior leader in your school who is supporting this programme.