Tell us about your experience
The Fringe Society are committed to ensuring that the Fringe is a positive place to perform, work and volunteer. We want to know about your experience. We are not able to investigate every instance in detail, but all cases of bad practice reported to us are logged and reported to a sub-committee of the Fringe Society Board of Trustees with a view to influencing change.
The Fringe Society is here to listen to any concerns you may have; it is our role to support you as best we can. We strongly condemn any illegal practices at the Fringe and the information below is designed to help workers understand their rights and find appropriate support where needed.

Please note that if you think the law has been broken you should report this to the appropriate authorities.
Personal details including email address will not be shared out with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and will only be used for the purpose of logging and addressing the complaint raised. *