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Saturday, February 3rd
Snowstorm is a 6 on 6 Co-Ed indoor winter volleyball tournament.
$60 Registration fee per team.
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  1. Games will be Co-Ed and must consist of a minimum of 2 women on the court with a total of 5 players. Each team can consist of up to 8 player’s total.
  1. Rounds will be 2 games to 21 points, must win by 2 points.
  1. Top 2 teams of each pool advance to a single elimination bracket. Bracket play will consists be 2 of 3 sets to 21.  3rd game to 15. Must win by 2 points.
  1. Scoring is Rally scoring. Every time the ball hits the ground a point is rewarded.
  1. Each side is permitted maximum of 3 contacts with the ball.
  1. Servers get 2 tosses per serve if needed.
  1. If ball touches the line, ball is IN. If the ball touches the net at any time, ball is still live.
  1. Teams switch sides after every set.
  1. Players must rotate after each point is scored.
  1. Any time a player touches the net it is a violation and point for the other team.

Player Eligibility:

Players may play for only one team on the day of the tournament.

Waivers will be required for every player. Before their team’s first game, every player needs to check in and sign a waiver. Waivers can be signed ahead of time online but every player still needs to check in.

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