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10DLC Brand & Campaign Registration Form
Please enter the requested infromation below to begin registering your company's Brand or additional Campaign for use with our SMS Messaging Platform. Currently all messaging is treated as A2P, so we will require a registration for all new SMS enablement requests. There are fees associated with different selections below. Please review each option carefully.
Please use the Save and Return option if you need extra time to fill out this form.
10DLC Brand and Campaign Registration has various fees that can be assessed based on orginazational structure and SMS use case. These can include both one time and monthly recurring charges. Fees may vary depending on activites such as Corporate or Brand vetting and use case costs charged by The Campaign Registry and by other Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) which will be passed through to you on your billing statement in the future. Currently, Accent is not passing these fees on to you, but fees are subject to change at any time.
Have you already been assigned a Brand ID for 10DLC / through another CSP? If you have an existing Brand ID please enter it in the box below.

Brands registering with The Campaign Registry will now have their brand name, address, and EIN checked against multiple databases, resulting in either a Verified or Unverified status. Any brand marked Unverified can update their details and resubmit to The Campaign Registry. *

Company and Brand Information

By completing the form below, you are verifying the information is accurate and true. The information provided will be submitted to the "The Campaign Registry" (TCR) an  independent Reputation Authority chosen by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to collect Brand and Campaign data in order to allow for transparency on the 10DLC network. 
Country of Registration *
Company/Brand Business Structure *
What market vertical best bits your Company/Brand? *

Business Address

Contact Information

Brand Messaging Use Case Selection

In the section below, declare a Single Use Case for the campaign you are registering in this form.

Most companies can be served by ‘Low Volume Mixed’ use case, which include less than 2,000 messages per day or 75 Texts Per Minute. (Standard Use Cases are immediately available for all qualified registered Brands and do not require Vetting or pre/post approval by MNOs. Special Use Cases are sensitive or critical in nature and may require Vetting or pre/post registration approval by MNOs. During the review process you may begin to send messages.)
Monthly for each Campaign:

Special Use Cases:
Carrier Exemptions
Please be transparent and honest. You do not want to be in a situation where you are flagged for an error in your brand information or other information requested.
We advise you to be clear and detailed, especially for special use cases. Your use case is what you are using that campaign for. This lets the MNOs know what type of messaging to expect. Here’s a list of the use cases that you can select from/ When reviewing a campaign, carriers will look at the campaign description and see if it matches the content of the messages being sent.
Note: The Sole Proprietor (SP) use case is designed to allow sole proprietors without an EIN to be
able to register and send A2P 10DLC messaging. It is not intended as a low volume use case
alternative to the existing verified sending categories for normal businesses that have EINs.
Please select a Use Case: *

Campaign and Content Attributes

NUMBER POOLING: You must select 'Yes' for this option if you intend on using 50+ numbers as this will require a different provisioning process on T-Mobile. *
DIRECT LENDING OR LOAN ARRANGEMENT: Indicates whether the campaign includes content related to direct lending or other loan arrangements. *
EMBEDDED LINK: Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded link of any kind. Note that public URL shorteners (bitly, tinyurl) are not accepted. *
EMBEDDED PHONE NUMBER: Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded phone number (except the required HELP information contact phone number). *
AFFILIATE MARKETING: Indicates whether the affiliate marketing being used or was used in the construction of the campaign *
AGE-GATED CONTENT: Indicates whether the campaign include any age-gated content as defined by Carrier and CTIA guidelines (Content requiring the individual to be of legal age) *
I confirm that this campaign will not be used for Affiliate Marketing *

Campaign Sample Messages

Please include at least 2 campaign sample messages and up to 5 sample messages.

Opt-In/Out & Help Messaging

Example 1: Customers opt-in by visiting and adding their phone number. They then check a box agreeing to receive text messages from Example Brand.

Example 2: Consumers opt-in by texting START to (111) 222-3333 to opt in.

Example 3: Customers opt-in by visiting and adding their phone number. They then check a box agreeing to receive text messages from Example Brand. Additionally, consumers can also opt-in by texting START to (111) 222-3333 to opt in.

Call-to-Action/Message Flow This field should describe how a consumer opts-in to the campaign, therefore giving consent to the sender to receive their messages. The call-to-action must be explicitly clear and inform the consumer of the nature of the program. *

Subscriber Opt-In

Subscriber Opt-Out

Subscriber Help

The associated Brand entity agrees to include and support the following campaign content attributes:
  • SUBSCRIBER OPT-IN - You are collecting and processing consumer opt-ins
  • SUBSCRIBER OPT-OUT - You are collecting and processing consumer opt-outs
  • SUBSCRIBER HELP - You have implemented message reply providing customers on how they can contact the message sender after they reply with the “HELP” keyword.
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