Potential Future Potomac Bridge Crossing Could Impact Darnestown

A possible“future crossing” of the Potomac River is currently being assessed by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board (TPB). 

This future crossing would most likely connect major highways in MD (such as I-270 or I-370/ICC) with major highways in Northern Virginia (such as Rte 28 or the Fairfax County Parkway). Since Darnestown is in the potential path for such a future crossing (see map above), the Darnestown Civic Association (DCA) values your opinion and would like to know your thoughts on this issue and how you would like the DCA to proceed, as we are here to represent you, the Darnestown community.

 To help the Darnestown Civic Association (DCA) understand the community’s position on this issue, please take a minute to answer 2 questions about the river crossing and the future of Darnestown.
My feelings about a future Potomac crossing which may pass through Darnestown: *
I would like DCA to take one of the following positions: *