Criteria for becoming a Partner in Food Safety:

1. Facility must not have more than two critical violations per inspection conducted by Denver's Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) on the last two full inspections as well as any limited inspections. To access inspection reports online, visit:
2. Facility must have a formal training program for all food handling employees. This training must ensure all new staff who handle food are properly trained in basic food safety, and must be completed within three months of the hire date. The training must take place within three months of hire date. Formal training can include DEH’s food safety class, classes offered on, or a comparable course. Visit for more information on food safety classes.
3. Facility must not have any fines from administrative citations issued by DDPHE within the last 12 months.
4. Facility must not have any confirmed foodborne illness outbreaks within the last 12 months.
5. Facility must score at least 50 points on the DDPHE Active Managerial Control Evaluation. Applicants must complete the evaluation with an investigator. As a part of this evaluation, the facility must show applicable documentation.
*Applicant Facility must apply and qualify each calendar year to receive recognition for that year. 
The Denver Partners in Food Safety Program is administered by the Denver's Department of Public Health & Environment. 
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