Landmark Preservation Pre-Application Review Request

The pre-application is meant to notify applicants of the process for these special project types involving a property in a historic district, or a historic landmark. The information you provide will allow us to offer initial feedback. Review for this project will not begin until a complete application is received. Staff’s initial comments do not constitute design review or approval/denial.

Landmark Preservation staff will typically respond within approximately 10-15 business days. Questions? Contact

NOTE: Please do not use this form for demolition applications. Doing so may cause delays in the demolition review process.

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For all other project types, this form is not required. Contact Landmark Preservation to learn more.

Description of Project Concept

To complete your pre-application, please upload any thumbnail sketch(es), rough diagrams, marked photographs or any other document that conveys the basic proposal in the preliminary stages. We recommend that you combine all supporting materials into a single PDF with the filename structure "yourname-preapp-materials.pdf".
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If you have additional files to submit, send them to Please indicate that you submitted an online pre-app request and include your name, address and the project description in your email.