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Application for Variance from State COVID-19 Response Orders and Restrictions

If your business or organization is interested in performing activities not currently allowed, or activities at greater capacity levels than are currently permitted, under the existing State guidelines, you may be eligible for a variance, or exception, to those rules.

Per State of Colorado rules, all requests for exceptions to restrictions to movement and gatherings as a result of COVID-19 must be submitted by the local public health agency for consideration.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in seeking a variance to read the State guidelines regarding such requests.

If you determine that you can safely conduct business or activities with some adjustments or exceptions to the current State rules, please fill out the below form and the City & County of Denver will work with you to determine whether to pursue a variance.

2. Can the activity or business be conducted with 10 or fewer people? *
3. Does the business or activity have clients/customers? *
4. Is the activity or business in question being conducted indoors, outdoors, or both? *
8. Does the business or activity fall into any of the below categories? Check all that apply *

By checking this box, I am confirming that I understand that the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) may request additional information related to alternative control measure effectiveness and compliance/enforcement at any time; that failure to comply with the plan as approved may result in additional requirements, suspension, or revocation of the allowance; and that my business must submit to inspections by DDPHE at all times of operation. *
By signing below, I attest that I am authorized to submit this variance request to the City and County of Denver for consideration on behalf of this business/entity. *