Please ensure that your slide presentation is complete. APTR will share this version of your presentation with your session facilitator to have as a back up (i.e., in the event of speaker loss of Wi-fi requiring presentation by phone).  

Presentation uploads must be less than 100 MB.  If your PPT presentation exceeds this size, please save the slide show as a PDF for upload.

Please ensure that your presentation does not contain copyrighted materials for which you have not given attribution. 

You MUST include a slide that states one of the following:
(this slide is placed after your title slide)

  • The presenters have no relevant financial relationships with any commercial interests to disclose         
  • The presenters disclose the following relevant relationships: (only include the conflicts of interest indicated on your Disclosure Form and cleared by APTR staff).

If you are co-presenting:
APTR requires one slide presentation for your presentation number on behalf of yourself and your co-presenters.

Submit Handouts (optional)

Handouts are optional. Speakers are required to post their handouts online with their session description, either as a downloadable document or a link.


Poster Presentations do not require uploading here. They must be uploaded to their session profile in the meeting app by March 23, 2022.

If you have any questions please contact


Primary Presenter

Please provide information about the person to contact regarding any questions about materials.

Presentation Upload

I permit APTR to place a pdf of my presentation on a public website or a website accessible to APTR membership. *
By uploading this presentation and/or materials, I acknowledge that I own the copyright to any content or that I have obtained the proper permission of the copyright owner.