Southwest Water Treatment LLC Water Sample Submission

Water Sample Submission Instructions:
Providing a water sample for testing greatly aids in the proper recommendation for an effective treatment system for your specific application.

Please fill out this form so that we have a record of your water sample submission and to provide contact information for you so that we may reply with sample test results.

Please provide at least 8 ounces of untreated water in a sealed bottle/container along with a printed copy of this submittal form.

The sample can be sent via USPS, UPS, Fedex or other similar carrier.

Please mail or ship your water sample to the following address:

Southwest Water Treatment LLC
6565-E Paseo Frontera
Carlsbad, CA 92009

Please include a copy of this submittal form with your water sample so that we know the origin of the sample.

Once we have tested your sample, we will respond via your stated preference of how you wish to be contacted.

Note: This is an "In-House" Test and there is no charge for this service.
However, if additional testing is required for Organic or Microbiological contaminant levels, a fee will be incurred.
We will notify you if additional testing is necessary before submitting the sample to a Fee Based Lab Facility.

* Water Source
* Application Type
* Estimated time frame to commence this project?
* How should we respond to you after the sample is analyzed?
* Indicates Response Required
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