Please sign up below for either Beer Goggles and Bartending School, Welcome to HIGH Country, or Don't be a Dum Dum, Use a Condom.

Here are the descriptions of each workshop: 

Beer Goggles and Bartending School

Join CU Denver's Office of Community Standards and Wellness to play with intoxi-goggles and pitchers.  We’ll teach you about standard drinks and how to calculate your blood alcohol concentration.  You’ll also get info on how to help a friend and the Good Samaritan policy at UCD.  Bring your cell phone!

Welcome to HIGH Country

Living in the Mile HIGH City comes with its own set of temptations.  We’re a hotbox of information in this interactive drug education workshop.  Bring your cell phone!

Don’t be a Dum Dum, Use a Condom

The CU Denver Peer Educators present this sexual health program.  Learn about safer sexual health practices including info on condoms and other birth control methods.  We will be giving away dum dum lollipops and free condoms.  Bring your cell phone!


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